Catenary and Overhead Lines

UROMAC brings dedicated road-rail vehicles and machines for railway operators and contractors in charge of electrification, signaling, interlock, communications and control system for railways, metros, trams and trolley buses.


We design the vehicle according to customer needs including:


  • Elevating platforms
  • Crane
  • Pantograph


UROMAC offers a power road-rail maintenance vehicle that can be also configured as shunter for towing railway platforms increasing its functionality.


It can be delivered with single (2 seats) or double cabin (6/7 seats) and can be driven on highway. Hence it is the ideal vehicle for railway maintenance brigades and avoids the use of several vehicles for the same function.



The use of roadrail trucks is quite extended for OHL, track inspection and maintenance works. However railway operators and contractors face the problem of how maximizing the investment made when the vehicle only runs a few kilometer a day on track at reduced speed.


UROMAC launches an innovative solution and establish a new category of roadrail vehicles. Based on a machine chassis and mechanisms UROMAC has developed a new concept of roadrail truck that maximizes efficiency in maintenance operations while significantly reducing the investment needed.


The articulated chassis provides high stability on track and ease mounting track operation and its ideal for tracks under renovation or construction.


The ease of use (not special driving license required) and the simplicity and robustness of the machine are additional great advantages.