LACERTIS 9.0 is the ideal partner for railway operators and contractors that look for to maximize their return on investment.

The combination of a single chassis with multiple attachments and accessories reduce the investment while increase the productivity.

UROMAC offers its customer the possibility to adapt the LACERTIS 9.0 chassis to meet their specific needs.

LACERTIS 9.0 has been designed to ensure performance by maximizing flexibility and versatility. This machine is the perfect solution for maintenance and repair jobs in railway. It can be easily adapted to various attachments for a wide range of applications.

LACERTIS 9.0 is part of a modular system and forms a platform for different attachments that transform this machine into a roadrail multipurpose vehicle.

With support from UROMAC customers can find in LACERTIS 9.0 the ideal solution for maneuverability, productivity and profitability.

Articulated chassis

The articulated chassis provideshigh stability on track especially instretches under renovation or construction.

Easy tracking

This reduces transportation times andincrease effective working time.

Frontal driver position

Unlike other Dumpers in LACERTISthe driver is seated in frontal positionincreasing visibility and safety.

180º Rotating seat

This assures visibility in all directions and allows the machine to work in all driving directions,even side driving.

Simplicity and robustness

Designed for long lifetime usingheavy duty components from mainmanufacturers.

Excellent ergonomy

The swiveling seat rotates allowing the driver to work sideways with permanent vision of the track.

Off-road performance

LACERTIS is excellent in most extremeterrains (snow, sand, mud) and easyon/off track operation with no need oflevel crossing.


Choose from a wide range of attachmentsto perform a wide variety ofrailway maintenance of way operations.

Main specifications

Payload : 9000 kg. - 19800 lb.

Engine : Deutz 100 HP

Steering : Hydraulic

Transmission : Hydrostatic 4X4 Permanent

Brakes : Oil immersed discs

Wheels : 18-19,5

Turning circle : 2,7/4,6 m. - 8,85/15,10 ft.

Hopper : Rotary 180º

Unladen Weight : 4638 kg. - 10225 lb.

Max. Speed : 25 km/h - 15,5 mph

Railway performance

    Available for all track gauges:
  • 1000 mm
  • 1435 mm
  • 1600 mm
  • 1668 mm
  • & others on demand

    Articulated chassis
  • Easy access to the track even in step sections (no need to go to level crossing)
  • Excellent adaptation on tracks under construction (irregular, not levelled, etc.)
  • High stability on track

Heavy duty machine with high performance/cost ratio.

Adjustable manual diploris system for easy gauge change. One machine can be used in several gauges.

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