Logistics for moving wagons at sidings or railways yards can be complicated and expensive.


UROMAC T-RAIL SV Road-rail shunter has been designed for railway hauling operation. The road axle is designed to fit railway gauge and ensure traction capacity by means of the tires having clear advantages:


  • It is cheaper than owning a switcher locomotive,
  • It is more convenient and cheaper than paying the railroad operator to do the switching,
  • It is easier and more productive than manual moving of cars,
  • It is versatile since it can arrive by road wheels to the cars they need to move, instead of needing clear track.


In addition T-RAIL SV can be configured as rescue or catenary vehicle increasing its productivity. Thus together with the capability of being

driven on highway prove to be an effective quick response vehicle not only for shunting operation.


UROMAC designs and manufacture T-RAIL SV for railway and tram systems with hauling capacity up to 1600 tons.

T-Rail SV


UROMAC offers Lacertis SV road-rail shunter for cases when the operator does not need to drive the vehicle on public roads like in ports or factories.


Its price and versatility help customers with reduced budgets to maximize their investments.

Lacertis SV

T-RAIL RV road-rail vehicle is designed for quick respond to emergencies on railway, metro or tram lines.


T-RAIL RV can be configured as rescue vehicle equipped with hydraulic re-railing equipment for de-railed cars. It can be also equipped with rescue and fire-fighting equipment.


T-RAIL RV is highly customizable according to user needs with crew and tools compartments, crane, shunter module for towing wagons and ambulance version

T-Rail RV