T-RAIL is completely manufacturedUROMAC that covers thewhole process from design, manufacturingand delivery according tocustomer specifications and standardand regulations.

Unlike many road-rail trucks that are transformedversions of existing commercialvehiclesT-RAIL has been specifically designed, engineered and manufacturefor this purpose.

T-RAIL is an efficient, reliable andcost effective solution for railwayoperators, contractors and factories to work on multiple applications:

  • Shunting wagons
  • Catenary and overhead lines maintenance with elevating platform and crane
  • Rescue and fire-fighting
  • Maintenance vehicle with crane
  • Vegetation control with mower and fumigation tank
  • Cleaning vehicle for urban trams and LRT systems

Main specifications


Available with 242/300 HP diesel engine and 2 speeds transfer case, T-RAIL can tow wagons up to 1600 tons.


Available with Euro III, V & VI engines this allows UROMAC to deliver the most optimum vehicle for the environment and our customers.

Compact size

T-RAIL compact design (reduced width and length) is ideal for rail driving. The reduced distance between axles guarantees driving on small radius curves.


Up to 90 km/h. on road and 50 km/h. on rail.

Excellent adaptation to track

T-RAIL is equipped with APSC (Advanced Pressure System Control) that guarantees continuous traction and contact with railway track.

Maximum traction on track

2 speeds transfer case and main axles with 100% differential locking system guarantee maximum traction on any condition.

Railway system

Equipped with guiding or traction rail-wheel system available for any track gauge.

Multi cabin

It can be delivered with single (2 seats) or double cabin (6/7 seats) and can be driven on highway. Hence it is the ideal vehicle for railway maintenance brigades and avoids the use of several vehicles for the same function.


T-RAIL SV Shunter Vehicle

T-RAIL MV Maintenance Vehicle

T-RAIL RV Rescue Vehicle

T-RAIL SV ShunterVehicle

T-RAIL RV RescueVehicle