Tunnel construction is a challenge where the optimization of logistics for earth moving and delivery of concrete is essential to ensure compliance with deadlines and budgets.


UROMAC offers Lacertis, a compact and versatile multipurpose 4×4 vehicle that has been specifically designed for working inside tunnels.


The low height of the chassis and hopper allow the vehicle to work inside tunnels to move concrete or earth together with an excavator.


The version with 3.5 m3 concrete mixer offers a reliable solution when working in tunnels with heavy slopes where traction is essential.


Lacertis offers high off-road performance thanks to its low weight, hydrostatic drive and 4WD with four-wheel steering and thanks to its driving reversibility is the ideal solution for working in tunnels, mines and impracticable areas with limited room for maneuver.



The use of 360º pivoting seat eases the visual control of the driver and allows circulating in both directions increasing safety and efficiency.


Road-rail Lacertis is especially helpful in the construction and maintenance of railway tunnels. The articulated chassis eases the track on/off maneuver and increases the productivity by using one single vehicle for road/railway.