The use of road-rail trucks is quite extended for OHL, track inspection and maintenance works. However railway operators and contractors face the problem of how maximizing the investment made when the vehicle only works a short distance/

time a day on track at reduced speed.

UROMAC launches an innovative solution and establish a new category of road-rail vehicles. Based on a machine chassis and mechanisms UROMAC has developed a new concept of road-rail truck that maximizes efficiency in maintenance

operations while significantly reducing the investment needed.

H-RAIL is the perfect solution for overhead lines and track inspection jobs in railway reducing the cost of investment and increasing efficiency and profitability.

H-RAIL hydrostatic transmission and 4×4 traction bring smooth driving on track increasing safety when working/driving from the platform. Moreover the articulated chassis can be blocked to prevent swinging working on height.


Articulated chassis

The articulated chassis provides high stability on track especially in stretches under renovation or construction.


Easy on and off tracking

This reduces transportation times and increase effective working time.


Simplicity and robustness

Designed for long lifetime using heavy duty components from first class manufacturers.


Off-road performance

Excellent in most exigent terrains (snow, sand, mud) and easy mount on/off track operation with no need of level crossing.



Choose from a wide range of attachments to perform any railway maintenance operation.


Powerful hydraulics

Efficient hydraulic systems powered by LINDE guarantees performance and interface with railway attachments.


Low profile tires

Large pneumatic tires are excellent in all kind of terrains and minimize the maintenance cost and the risk of fails.


Railway axles system

Equipped with guiding diplor system available for any railway gauge. Manual track gauge change by the driver.



H-RAIL can be transported in trucks or conventional platforms due to its compact design. Loading and unloading maneuvers

result quick, simple and safe.