Stability and manoeuvrability

Supreme off-road traction ensures that all wheels constantly track.

The articulated chassis increases manoeuvrability with a low turning radius. And the 360º pivoting seat reduces the number of manoeuvres at site: driver only needs to rotate the seat to change driving direction.

Easy to operate – Easy to maintain

User friendly controls, high driving visibility and comfort cabin offer the best working conditions and less

fatigue for the operator.

Large engine bonnet opening for optimal access to all main components.

Typical service points (water, oil, filters) are conveniently positioned to ease maintenance operations.

Strong but fuel efficient

Deutz diesel engine meets the latest standards for noise and emissions.

The high torque offers more power at lower revs and brings exceptional response on steep gradients or poor

ground conditions.

Working in difficult ground conditions

The unique combination of compact design, high stability, extreme traction and power gives the LACERTIS series extremely good driving skills even in rough and muddy conditions.


The swivelling cockpit guarantees exceptional visibility thus increasing security for the operator and other personnel around the machine.

Closed cab complies with ROPS and FOPS regulations with A/C and heating.

Oil immersed negative disc brake guarantee adherence to the ground in strong slopes even with the maxim load.

Security system on the hopper that prevents unintentional tipping.

Safety guardrails so the driver does notfall or dismount incorrectly on either side where the rail traffic is working.


Access to the cockpit from both sides of the machine.

Reversible driving position increases the efficiency of the operator on narrow sites. The seat rotates 360º and the operator is always oriented in the direction of driving

No need to turn the machine to leave a work area, retaining high visibility at all times to maximize safe operation.

Automatic steering wheel change depending on driving direction.

Compact design and reduced height but retaining powerful operation in all conditions.

Very useful for working on tunnels and sites with reduced maneuverability.

Easy to transport on conventional trucks.

Payload: 9000 kg.


Closed and climate-controlled cabin according to standards ROPS and FOPS.

Use and applications

Conceived and designated for railway applications to transport concrete from the truck to the site, ballast to the track or transport earth and rubble from the rail yard to outer area.

The rotary hopper allows distribution of the material uniformly in ditches, gutters, etc.

Factory mounted rail-wheel system

Equipped with a rail-wheel system to circulate on 1435 mm track gauge (others on demand) approved by

SNCF according to NF 58003 standard.

Excellent access to rail tracks thanks to large tires and articulated chassis, which allows entrance to difficult places

and on-tracking on reduced space.

This also ensures continuous stabilization on the track and a permanent contact on four wheels with the rail.

Both axles are equipped with service brake and negative parking brakes and bogies are electrically isolated to

prevent the occupation of the channel signal.