Road-Rail Shunter

  • Shunting capacity up to 2000 t
  • 360º swivelling cockpit for exceptional visibility
  • Articulated chassis for easy tracking-on on manoeuvre
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Radio remote control system for one-man operation

Rail guidance system

  • Track gauge from 1000 to 1676 mm.
  • Automatic pressure compensation.
  • High pulling/towing capacity in both directions.

Articulated chassis

  • Tracking-on on manoeuvre on na- rrow space.
  • High stability on track even on redu- ced radius curves
  • Continuous stabilization on the track
  • Permanent contact on four wheels with the rail.

Safety & Comfort

  • 360º swivelling cockpit
  • Excellent access from both sides of the cabin.
  • Panoramic cabin
  • Exceptional visibility in both directions
  • Increased security for the operator and other personnel around the machine
  • Dead man’s handle
  • Emergency stop


  • Radio remote control system for one-man operation
  • Snow plough/brush
  • Generator
  • Crane
  • Pneumatic and electrical tools on demand
  • Special bodybuilding

Coupling options

  • Mechanical drawbar
  • Automatic coupler
  • UIC hook
  • RK 900
  • SA33 and AAR coupler
  • Others on demand


  • Engine: Deutz / Caterpillar according to latest emissions standard.
  • Linde hydraulics