Product and project management:

Product Management
Product management within Uromac Group follows a well-defined process to ensure that our Product Development Engineers and our Manufacturing and Sourcing Engineers develop products that meet our customers’ needs and expectations whilst optimizing the use of the Group resources.

Product Management covers the entire life cycle of the product, from development to manufacturing, launching, sales and after sales service. Product Management is an ongoing process that continues until the product is discontinued and replaced by a new one that provides clear advantages to our customers.

Product Research, Innovation and Concept
Through continuous interaction with our world wide distributors and end users, we collect the inputs required to identify new product requirements and needs.
These inputs provide the stimulus to create innovative solutions applying new technologies, advanced materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques.

Product Development
Product Development Engineers study the feasibility of the ideas in the product research laboratory, working together with Manufacturing and Sourcing Engineers. This study achieves a well defined and standardized manufacturing process for new product s. Thus we achieve an optimum quality to cost ratio, the intended product functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics and minimum environmental impact throughout its life.

Project Management
Our Project Managers plan, organize and control the resources, procedures and protocols to achieve customer goals regarding scope, time, quality and budget.