Uromac has supplied three units of its acclaimed T-Rail series of road-rail vehicles to be used on the new Tramway of Sidi Bel Abbes in Algeria.

The first unit is equipped with aerial platform dedicated to catenary maintenance for tramway lines and can work as a high capacity shunter able to tow a tram set on high slopes with more than 7% gradient.

The second vehicle is equipped with a crane and also works as rescue vehicle for towing trams and auxiliary crane for maintenance operations.

Both units are equipped with necessary controls to activate tram brakes and emergency lights

The thind unit is s equipped with sweeper suction unit for cleaning the platform between the rails and the groove of the rails.

The high capacity hopper and water tank (4.000 l.) bring full autonomy to the vehicle: It is not necessary to stop the vehicle to refill water so complete cleaning of line is done in one shift.

The rail-wheel set has been specially designed for tram lines with tight curves that ensure excellent traction over the track.

The new T-Rail Tramway series offers the customer a wide variety of configuration for different applications such as overhead line maintenance, shunting trams in depot yards and emergency towing of broken-down trams and cleaning vehicles for rail groove maintenance, using one unique chassis with eases the maintenance operation.