T-Rail RV Rescue Vehicle

T-RAIL RV road-rail Rescue Vehicle is designed for quick respond to emergencies on railway, metro or tram lines.

T-RAIL RV can be configured as rescue vehicle equipped with hydraulic re-railing equipment for de-railed cars. It can be also equipped with rescue and fire-fighting equipment.

T-RAIL RV is highly customizable according to user needs with crew and tools compartments, crane, shunter module for towing wagons and ambulance version.

The vehicle has double cabin for 6 operators and is equipped with rescue and re-railing devices for quick intervention and has been designed to work at seasonal high temperatures.

UROMAC T-RAIL RV Road-rail Rescue Vehicle is an efficient solution for emergency when working on the track. Thanks to its fast road speed, quick on/off tracking operation and high off-road mobility it is ready for intervention on the track in the shortest possible time.

T-RAIL series of vehicles is based on the outstanding URO K 4×4 truck. The complete engineering, design and manufacturing by UROMAC give us the control throughout the whole manufacturing process and allow us to customize the vehicle for every customer need.