UROMAC offers a complete line of road-rail vehicles for Tramways and LRT systems.

The rail-wheel set has been specially designed for tram lines with tight curves (less than 25 m. radius) that ensure excellent traction over the track.

The new T-Rail Tramway series offers the customer a wide variety of configuration for different applications such as overhead line maintenance, shunting trams in depot yards and emergency towing of broken-down trams and cleaning vehicles for rail groove maintenance, using one unique chassis with eases the maintenance operation.

Towing Depot Vehicles

T-RAIL TW can work as a shunter unit for towing trams when there is no OLE on track or the Vehicle is not able to move itself. It may be able also to tow failed Vehicle from main line into the depot

Maintenance Vehicle

T-RAIL TW is available with tram railway attachment with cargo box and crane (optional).

Catenary Vehicle

T-RAIL TW is available with a wide variety of elevating platforms with difference sizes and outreach to meet customer needs. Depending on the configuration it can be also equipped with crane and cargo box for a versatile unit.

Cleaning Vehicle

T-RAIL TW is available with sweeping unit and hopper and suction fun for platform cleaning and groove rail suction

Rescue Vehicle

T-RAIL TW is available with rescue and re-railing equipment.